Kidderminster Town Council

Vacancy for Voluntary Town Crier

"Oyez, Oyez, Oyez!"

Can you command a crowd and out-shout the wind? Do you like dressing up? then you might be the right person for us!
Please see below for applicant information.

Kidderminster Town Council

Town Crier – Application Information


  1. 1.    Introduction

The position of Town Crier is an internationally recognised ancient and honourable position. Kidderminster Town Crier is an honorary, voluntary post for which Kidderminster Town Council acts as appointing body and agent.

The Town Crier is a public ambassador for Kidderminster and as such the post holder will be expected to abide by certain rules.

All applicants are requested to read the Job Description and Terms & Conditions before submitting their letter of application.


  1. 2.    Background Information

The position of Town Crier Kidderminster Town Council is open to all applicants, aged 18 years and over. It is desirable that applicants possess the following:

• Excellent written and oral communication skills

• An outgoing personality

• Reasonable knowledge of the history of Kidderminster or willingness to acquire it

• Proven reliability

• Ability to project voice

• Strong ties to Kidderminster


  1. 3.    Voluntary position

The post of Town Crier is voluntary and unpaid; however the Town Council will give a £500.00pa honorarium to contribute to wear and tear of parts of your attire not provided by the Town Council and as a token of the Town Council’s gratitude. The Town Council will provide a uniform (excluding shoes).


  1. 4.    Insurance

The Town Council agrees to include your position within its Public Liability Insurance.


  1. 5.    Other Income

Invitations to perform, commercial cries for local businesses in the area, e.g. opening of stores, are both encouraged and allowed, subject to approval from the Town Clerk. Fees for such engagements will be negotiated by you and be yours to keep. The Town Council reminds you that such income must be declared to HMRC as appropriate.


The Town Council reserves the right to refuse permission for any activity which they may consider inappropriate or contrary to the policies of the Town Council.


  1. 6.    Process

All applicants must have a strong desire to be the Town Crier for Kidderminster Town Council.

Each applicant must submit a letter of application. The signed letter is evidence of the applicants consent to the terms and conditions identified.

Applications not made in accordance with these terms and conditions will be invalid and not considered.

  • The decision of Kidderminster Town Council to accept or reject an application is final. No further correspondence will take place.
  • Kidderminster Town Council will shortlist all qualifying applicants.
  • Shortlisted applicants will be required to attend a social gathering with fellow applicants and Councillors
  • All decisions made in relation to the successful applicant and appointment of the new Town Crier will be final.



  1. 7.    Town Criers Guild Membership

You are encouraged to join the nationwide Ancient and Honourable Guild of Town Criers and the annual membership fee will be reimbursed to you. Attendance at competitions, unless at your own expense, must be agreed in advance by the Town Council.


  1. 8.    Town Crier Job Description
  2. a.    Job Title: Town Crier
  3. b.    Reporting to: Town Clerk
  4. c.    Based at: Kidderminster Town Council
  5. d.    Job Purpose: To provide Town Crier duties for Kidderminster Town Council

Key responsibilities and accountabilities:


  1. e.    Scope of Job:

• To work at events and functions on behalf of Kidderminster Town Council; together with providing your services at events arranged by other organisations in and around the parish of Kidderminster


  1. f.     Costume:

• The appointee will receive items of clothing and equipment to perform their duties. These will remain the property of Kidderminster Town Council. The costume must be kept in a clean and fine appearance.


  1. g.    Skills and attributes
  • Loud, clear and easily understood voice
  • Confidence and self-assurance
  • Have or willingness to develop a good local knowledge of the town and its history
  • Ability and willingness to follow instructions
  • Ability to read announcements
  • Physically able to wear heavy costume for long periods, sometimes in hot or chilly conditions (e.g. at fetes or events)
  • Ability to interact easily with all types of people
  • Friendly, open and inclusive personality


  1. h.    Responsibility:

The appointee represents Kidderminster and its residents so you are always expected to maintain a high standard of appropriate behaviour and courtesy.


  1. i.      Duties – Civic Events:

It is anticipated you will attend the following events:

  • Mayor Making Council Meeting
  • Mayor’s Ball
  • Mayor’s Sunday
  • Remembrance Sunday
  • Christmas Lights Switch On
  • Together with any other event the Town Council are likely to arrange


  1. j.      Line Management

You will liaise with the Town Clerk, who will be your Line Manager, regarding all matters concerning your role in which the Town Council’s events take priority.


  1. k.    Other local events:

It is anticipated you will be invited to perform cries throughout the year promoting various charitable events. Other organisations in the community area may also wish to use your services at their summer fetes. Attendance at these will be at your own discretion and subject to approval from the Town Clerk.


  1. l.      Personal:

• To act with integrity always, and behaviour in line with that of a civic representative of the town.

• To actively pursue the role as Town Crier and to become a member of and abide by the rules/guidelines laid out by the Ancient and Honourable Guild of Town Criers (AHGTC), the crier’s Professional body.

• To have NO publicly aware political affiliation.

• To start every cry with “Oyez, Oyez, Oyez” and finish with “God Save the Queen”.


  1. m.  Salary:

• The Town Council agrees to pay a nominal honorarium of £500 per year as a token of the Town Council’s gratitude. The role of Town Crier should not be used as a means for personal gain unless previously agreed with the Town Council.


  1. 9.    How to apply

Application is by letter to the Town Clerk, Kidderminster Town Council, Town Hall, Vicar Street, Kidderminster, DY10 1DB or by email


Your letter should include:-




Contact Numbers:


Email Address:

Do you hold a current Drivers Licence?

Yes: No:

Do you have any criminal convictions?

Yes: No:

How you fulfil the skills and attributes of the job description (section 8.g)

(Please note that by signing your application, the successful applicant agrees to Kidderminster Town Council completing a criminal history check prior to being engaged as the official Town Crier.)


10. Further information

For further information please contact Tony Beirne, Town Clerk on 01562 732680

or email


11. Closing Date

The closing date for letters of application is Friday 22nd March 2019